Maintenance Minder Codes

Honda Maintenance Minder Codes

When you are busy day to day in the Tinton Falls area, it’s often difficult to remember when your car is due for maintenance. Luckily for Honda owners, they will be relieved to hear that their cars will remind them through a set of Honda Maintenance Minder codes. However, if you’re unfamiliar with this feature, you may be surprised and confused when you see a lit up wrench logo on your dashboard. The service experts at DCH Kay Honda will go in-depth about Honda maintenance codes and how they work, so you can take advantage of this feature in the future!

How Do the Honda Maintenance Minder Codes Work?

If you drive a newer model, you’ll have access to the Honda Maintenance Minder system, where the Maintenance Minder light in the form of a wrench will light up to remind you to get the maintenance your Honda needs to keep performing at its best on the Freehold roads. You can count on this system for even more accurate timing and accuracy on the services your car actually needs, as it has sensors throughout your vehicle to determine when your Honda needs service according to the road conditions it’s being driven on and in the way you’ve been driving it. Most models with the Maintenance Minder system also have an engine oil life indicator to remind you of upcoming oil changes.

What are the Honda Service Codes & How Do I Read Them?

While the oil life indicator is more straightforward to understand, the Honda maintenance codes are not. However, once you become more familiar with them, you will be able to understand them easily! They consist of codes and subcodes, where the code stands for the service that needs to be performed while the sub-code stands for additional services to be performed in that same visit. For example, the Honda service code “A1” means that your car needs its oil and filter changed as well as a tire rotation in the next visit near Red Bank. What are all of the Honda service codes? Take a look below or consult with your owner’s manual!

Honda Service Codes

Maintenance Minder Code A

AChange engine oil
Ultimate tensile strength

Maintenance Minder Code B

BChange the engine oil filter
Inspect front and rear brakes
Check parking brake adjustment, steering gear box and boots, suspension components & drive shafts
Includes battery test and Multi-Point Inspection

*Complete brake fluid exchange due every 3 years regardless of mileage. (Prive may vary for your particular model – ask advisor for details)*Wheel alignment recommended every 15,000 miles

Most Honda Vehicle from 2005 to the present use the Maintenance Minder system.

Low Mileage Vehicles: If a service message does not appear for more than 12 months after the last visit, change the engine oil every year. See your Honda dealer to manually pull maintenance codes specific to your vehicle and appropriate for time and mileage intervals.

Maintenance Minder Code B

1Rotate tires

2Replace air cleaner elements (at least every 15k in dusty conditions)
Replace dust and pollen filter (at least every 15k in urban, dusty or industrial areas)
Check parking brake adjustment, steering gear box and boots, suspension components & drive shafts
Inspect drive belt

3Replace transmission fluid
Replace transfer fluid (If equipped - Ridgeline/Pilot)

4Replace spark plugs, inspect valve clearance, inspect water pump
Replace timing belt

5Replace engine coolant

6Replace rear differential fluid

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Now that you know more about this system and how to read Honda maintenance codes, you will no longer be afraid of the wrench symbol lighting up on your dashboard. Instead, you’ll be happy to have yet another amazing Honda tool under your belt as a driver in the Eatontown area! When the Maintenance Minder system notifies you for routine maintenance, schedule an appointment online, and then make your way to DCH Kay Honda to keep your car in tip-top condition.