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Is the Honda CR-V a reliable car? Is a Honda CR-V a good investment? These are some of the top questions Tinton Falls shoppers ask us when they visit our Eatontown showroom looking for their next vehicle. Learn more about the SUV as we discuss what is the life expectancy of a Honda CR-V and whether the Honda CR-V is good for long distances, below. Then be sure to visit us to explore our inventory and find the new or pre-owned Honda CR-V for sale that checks all your boxes. Contact us today if you have any questions!



Is the Honda CR-V a Reliable Car?

Yes, it is! In fact, RepairPal’s reliability rating is high for this affordably-priced Honda SUV. The CR-V has an overall reliability rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 or “excellent,” and ranks second out of 26 evaluated compact SUVs. So it’s definitely a reliable car and an excellent investment for Red Bank drivers! Below are reasons that make it a reliable vehicle:

  • Cost: The average annual cost to repair and maintain a 2023 CR-V is about $407, which is remarkably lower than most compact SUVs ($521) and other vehicle models ($652). 
  • Frequency: What about unplanned repairs? Most CR-V owners need to get their vehicles repaired an average of 0.3 times each year. Keep in mind that this isn’t very often and is average when compared to other compact SUVs (an average of 0.3 times also). 
  • Severity: What about the severity of each repair? The probability of need having a significant issue is about 9%, which is considerably lower than the average for other vehicles in its class (an average of 11%). 

To answer “is a Honda CR-V a good investment?” and “is the Honda CR-V a reliable car?” Yes, it is! Don’t hesitate to contact our dealership to learn more about the vehicle’s reliability and benefits to your Freehold commute.

Is the Honda CR-V Good for Long-Distance Driving?

The entry-level Honda CR-V EX features a strong 2.4L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 190 hp and 179 lb-ft of torque for smooth handling on Red Bank roads. But is a Honda CR-V good for long distances? Yes—between the impressive performance, advanced technologies, and plush interior amenities, the new Honda CR-V is an excellent vehicle for long-distance traveling and all of your exciting adventures! As a bonus, Honda is known for best-in-class safety features that keep you and your loved ones protected while out on Red Bank roads.

Explore the Honda CR-V in Eatontown Today!

Want to see how the new Honda CR-V can enhance your daily commute and overall driving experience? Visit our team at DCH Kay Honda and explore this top-dated vehicle in person. We’ll walk you through our current inventory and help get you behind the driver’s seat of the CR-V that’s right for you. You can also explore our current offers and get pre-approved for financing online in minutes.

When we talk about durability and lineups that hold up value well, Honda is a name that’s always part of the conversation. But what about one of their SUVs, the CR-V specifically? When you consider a new or used Honda CR-V in the Tinton Falls area, you’ll want to know that this model has a 5-year resale value of $21,876 according to Percentage-wise, the CR-V will depreciate 39% after 5 years, which is comparably lower than the average depreciation of 51.6% over 5 years for SUVs. In other words, this Honda SUV has a lower depreciation than most SUVs and you’ll be able to earn back a great amount of money back if you decide to sell later on. Learn more below!



Resale Value of Honda CR-V vs. Competitors

While the Honda CR-V resale value is higher than most SUVs, how is it when compared to other SUVs within its class? The CR-V remains to be undefeated as they have the lowest depreciation or highest resale value after 5 years compared to its direct competitors. Here are some competitors within its class and their respective depreciation and 5-year resale value:

Honda CR-V  

Toyota RAV4  

Nissan Rogue  

Subaru Forester

How Much It Will Depreciate By After 5 Years  





5-Year Resale Value





Should I Buy a CR-V New or Used?

Clearly, the Honda CR-V retains its value well over the years, but should you buy a new or pre-owned model in Freehold? Given the generous resale value of the Honda CR-V, purchasing a new or used model would be both beneficial in its own way. If you need more guidance, be sure to reach out to the team at DCH Kay Honda! For now, see the cases for each here:

Buying a Used Honda CR-V

When shopping for any pre-owned vehicle, you’ll need to consider many factors and that is the same with a pre-owned CR-V. A sweet spot to hit for this lineup specifically would be finding a model that is between 2 and 4 years old. You can save $9,503 potentially compared to buying new and still drive a relatively new model that can last for many years to come. If you keep this model for 3 years, your total cost of depreciation would be estimated to be $4,278. Want a model with more peace of mind and benefits that also fits these criteria for the lowest depreciation? Check out the certified CR-Vs for sale near Red Bank at DCH Kay Honda!

Buying a New Honda CR-V

While it’s nice to save upfront, you might find a brand new model might not cost that much more than a gently used one. Actually, the CR-V has a small price difference between a new and pre-owned model. According to, this model is one of the top overall cars and SUVs to buy new over used! See where the CR-V ranks in both lists here:

  • Out of the top 10 overall cars to buy new over used, the Honda CR-V makes it as the #4 vehicle with a price difference of $3,230 and a price difference percentage of 12.2%.
  • Out of the top 15 SUVs to buy new over used, the Honda CR-V also earns its rank at #4 with another Honda SUV, the HR-V, as the rank 1.

Search for Your Ideal CR-V Model at DCH Kay Honda Today!

Regardless of whether you shop new or used in Eatontown, you’ll be happy with the Honda CR-V resale value! Take a look to explore our current inventory as well as our manager’s specials for both new and pre-owned models. We are ready to put you into an SUV that will last for many miles on the road and will still maintain its value over the years!


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